6 steps to write a captivating article

It is not enough to like to write or to have an idea that you want to develop. You need to follow certain simple steps that will help you make the best material possible.

Item type.

Items can be of several types, for example list items . They are meant to present briefly in a synthetic vision, a very wide content and is dedicated to those who are always on the run. As examples, we can mention the articles of “How?”,  Its not that you can talk about solutions about a particular issue. Inspiring articles, e.g. “How much does an hour in your life cost and to whom do you give it?” like in www.inscriu.ro ,  are the ones that motivate and should make readers shudder when they read about a certain aspect or situation.

It is worth mentioning the articles that propose a different approach, e.g. “Money does not negotiate , more precisely to come up with something counterintuitive or a little confusing at first sight and to make the reader curious and intrigued at the same time.  

Introduction. Contents. Closing.

Once you have chosen the type of article, you must not forget its structure. It is important to know that in the first two sentences you have to capture the reader’s attention and you have to give him some clues about what the article contains. The content is what you have to offer and it must consist of qualitative information, and the conclusion must be clear and precise.

Short paragraphs and impact heading

The article becomes difficult to read if the paragraphs are too long. You should always give the reader something easy to read so that they can read your entire article.

The title is the one that urges the reader from the beginning to read your article or not. You need to use keywords that are relevant to the content, but at the same time arouse interest.

Stay on topic!

If you are on the road, focus on the idea you have chosen from the beginning. If you develop two or three topics simultaneously, in the same article, you will not be able to enlighten the reader and at the same time he will lose his attention from reading again.

Write for one person

Address the reader in the second person, singular, “you” , and not with you. This way you will get rid of a barrier and you will be able to get closer to your readers.


  1. Give authenticity to your article

You can use books and other sources to better explain, but you must have gone through the situations you describe. To know what works, what doesn’t work, to have seen the strengths and weaknesses. You are authentic when you can sit at the desk and write from practice. The value of the article is seen when you understand what you are going to write, before you start explaining it in writing.